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Dino Dice - Maths, Numbers & Dots

Dino Dice - Maths, Numbers & Dots

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Practise mental maths with this fantastic Dino Dice Numbers & Dots Game. Throw the dice and do the sums to win all three dude dice and win the game. Add & subtract. 

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A fantastic way to practise mental maths for 4-6 years.

  • Objective is to win all three Dinos - Two Skill Levels & Travel Bag
  • Throw the dice and do the maths. Two dice have dots with numbers, the third has add, subtract and 'Aaahhh'
  • Highest scorer in each round wins a Dino. But if you throw 'Aaahhh!' - then you are out!
  • When all 3 Dudes are held by players, the round winner steals a Dino from the lowest scorer in the round.
  • Whoever wins all 3 Dinos, wins the game.

Just one of our fun learning games.

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