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Barrington Stoke

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

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Mind The Gap - This story, written by Phil Earle, has a strong plot that keeps the reader guessing.

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When Mikey's dad died, something in Mikey died too.

He loved his old man and he never stopped dreaming that one day his dad would land the role of a lifetime, prove them all wrong, and rock back up to the estate in the flashiest car anyone had ever seen.

Now there's just numbness, and not caring, and really, really stupid decisions.

He says the worst of it is that he can't even remember his dad's voice any more.

Eventually,  Mikey's best mate can't bear it any more, and so he sets out to give Mikey the memories - and his dad's voice - back.

A super-readable, dyslexia friendly book.


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