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Mog and Gom Books Unit 11

Mog and Gom Books Unit 11

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Mog and Gom fully decodable books use our Letters and Sounds systematic phonic progression. The text only includes words using previously taught phonemes.
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Mog and Gom fully decodable books use our Letters and Sounds systematic phonic progression. The text only includes words using previously taught phonemes. Tricky words are gradually introduced (just like the sounds) and when a new tricky word is introduced the tricky part is highlighted throughout the story. 

Contents: 8 pages per book.

Size: 150mm x 170mm

Sound New Spelling Book  Tricky Word
or aw
61. Claw Hand
ur ir
62. Mr Frown
w / f wh / ph
63. The Elephant
or au
64. The Haunted Hut

oo/yoo ew
65. The Dragon's Egg

oa oe
66. River Foe

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