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The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Game®

The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Game®

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Will you be the first to fill up your log with acorns and win the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game?

  • The fun educational family game that’s ideal for family games night.
  • Helps to develop:
    • Strategic thinking skills
    • Colour matching skills
  • Encourages fine motor skills including:
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Pencil grip practise
    • Pre-handwriting skills
  • Players spin the spinner and use the Squirrel Squeezer to pick up acorns and place them in the matching coloured hole in their logs. Whoever fills their log first wins.
  • Be careful because the spinner could also land on The Sneaky Squirrel where the player gets to steal any coloured acorn from another player’s log, Sad Squirrel where the player forfeits their turn, or the Squirrel Storm that blows all the player’s acorns back into the tree. So be sneaky, strategic little squirrels!
  • Game includes:
    • Box that doubles as the game board
    • Pair of Squirrel Squeezers
    • 20 coloured acorns
    • Game spinner
    • Four cardboard tree stumps
    • Multilingual activity guide
    • Instructions

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